A group of six BNHC caregivers standing behind a table with promotional materials and items, in front of a banner for the Brockton Neighborhood Health Center and Moms Do Care programs, outside a building with red umbrellas folded in front of large glass windows.

Substance Use Services

BNHC’s Substance Use Services Department includes:

The focus of the department is to ensure equitable evidence-based substance use treatment and harm reduction services in the community, especially to people who may be least likely to have access to treatment.

The team serves patients where they’re at, whether that is:

  • active use,
  • early recovery,
  • sustained recovery and remission.

Harm Reduction Clinic

A woman with braided hair and a medical mask sitting at a desk, looking at a medical monitoring device, in an office environment

The Harm Reduction Clinic at Brockton Neighborhood Health Center is therapeutic environment that addresses substance use disorder as a chronic, relapsing disease.

Moms Do Care

Baby smiles at 2021 dental screening

The Moms Do Care Program helps pregnant, postpartum and parenting women get medication. We also help with other substance use treatment and recovery services, health care services and social services.

Homeless Services: Community Care In Reach® Mobile Services

Two people with masks inside the Community Care In Reach® Mobile Services trailer window are helping a person in a blue jacket, while another person awaits their turn.

Brockton Neighborhood Health Center’s Community Care In Reach® Mobile Services Unit is at the forefront of outreach to help the Brockton community, bringing life-saving care and counseling right to the neighborhoods that need it the most.

Homeless Services: Shelter Based Clinic

The shelter-based clinic at Father Bill's is a two-story gray house with white columns, a red door, and an American flag displayed in front of a green lawn and a clear blue sky

BNHC offers Shelter Based clinical services, located at Father Bill’s & MainSpring Shelter at 54 N. Main St. The walk-in medical services help provide healthcare to residents of the shelter and people otherwise experiencing homelessness.