BNHC's Luisa Schaeffer works from home as COVID contact tracer.


Are You Scheduled For A Telehealth Visit?

Here’s how to be prepared when the doctor is ready to call you.

Before the Call

  • Check with BNHC on the type of call (video or voice)
  • Charge device
  • Let us know if you will need an interpreter
  • Write down all of your symptoms (take your temperature, etc.)
  • Write down your questions and concerns
  • Gather all of your medications

During the Call

  • Be sure you’re in a quiet spot, and speak slowly, clearly
  • Be open, honest with symptoms, concerns
  • Take notes, or have a family member do so
  • Ask your provider or interpreter for clarification
  • Plan a followup call, or call us back at (508) 559-6699
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