Adult Medicine

Dr. Nikhil Ghohokar, in glasses and a red shirt, stands to the left of a patient

Our Board-certified providers don’t just diagnose and treat illness, but provide preventive care for a healthy life.

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BNHC offers the programs and services to needed to provide optimal care for your growing child.

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Behavioral Health

Readmission group Maria Delaney Luisa Schaeffer

At BNHC, we don’t treat just injuries and diseases, we take care of how our patients are feeling inside, too.

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Substance Use

Allsyon Pinkhover with team at mobile substance use trailer, September 2021

Our Harm Reduction team offers comprehensive, judgment-free care for those with substance use disorder.

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Urgent Care

We are here when you need us for all your urgent care needs, from wound care to lab work to same-day prescriptions.

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The new BNHC Pharmacy provides discounted medications and is open to patients and the public.

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Dental Care

Dental Director Dr. Fidelito Gabriel prepares to treat a patient in Dental May 2021.

We offer a full range of dental service, including everything from basic care and cleaning to caps and root canals.

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Eye Services

From vision tests to glaucoma screening, to new glasses, Eye Services offers eye-opening care.

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Woman’s Health

Midwife Kara Govoni measures a patient's belly in OB-GYN.

Our OB-GYN providers and midwives offer services to support women through their health journey.

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Infectious Diseases

Dr. Shrein Saini stands near a Hepatitis C Cure Board

We provide counseling, testing and primary and specialty care for those living with HIV and other diseases.

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Community Services

We’re part of the community, and pitch in and contribute to dozens of programs and services to improve your life.

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Interpreter Services

Our team of certified medical interpreters don’t just translate what you’re saying, but how you are feeling.

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