Be safe — vaccinate.

If you need a COVID vaccine, or booster, we can accommodate you. Please call (508) 559-6699, or click the button below, to request an appointment.

OB-GYN Charge Nurse Ray Hamilton with her COVID vaccination card in 2021.

Nurse Carla Braga during a fit-testing in March 2020.

Treatments, protection

While most people with COVID-19 have mild illness and recover at home, we can provide several anti-viral treatments approved by the FDA, such as Paxlovid. Some medications, such as Paxlovid, need to be started within days of symptoms, so don’t delay. We also provide masks. If you test positive, call us right away to explore your treatment options at (508) 559-6699.

Don’t guess. Get a free test!

Whether or not you’re vaccinated, getting tested regularly for COVID-19 helps protect your family and your community. All U.S. households are eligible to receive four free test kits through the United States Postal Service, which are mailed for free. Simply fill out the form at:

Metro South Chamber of Commerce President Chris Cooney with COVID test kits.

I got my shot when we first got the vaccine … I just remembered what 2020 had been and what we had been through, including a lot of my patients that tested positive and were just dreading the isolation, so I got the vaccine as soon as I could.

Dr. Vidushi Shanker gives a thumbs up during her COVID vaccination
Dr. Vidushi Shanker