A nurse gives a thumbs-up at BNHC in December 2022.

MyChart Patient Portal

What is the MyChart Patient Portal?

Two BNHC doctors, Dr. Dolan and Dr. Chavan, with the MyChart logo superimposed below

Forget the phone calls! Our new MyChart Patient Portal is the easy and fast way patients can communicate with their health care team, request refills, make appointments, get medical records and do so much more online! Try it — we know you’ll like it! You can use your MyChart portal for all of your health care needs! Visit the MyChart Patient Portal page and sign up today!

MyChart lets you:

  • Set up appointments online
  • Send a message to your care team
  • Renew and refill your prescriptions
  • Access test results
  • Get your medical records
  • Review payment options and insurance summaries
  • Look up information about your health and other health topics
  • And much more.

To get medical records without MyChart

Patients can also request medical records without using MyChart. To do so, please click on this button and fill out the form. Under “Provider,” click on Brockton Neighborhood Health Center.