Miles for Smiles: A Mission to Cape Verde

On this trip to Cape Verde, BNHC volunteers had one goal: Smiles.

It would take a lot of work, because at this Cape Verdean dental clinic, there are no dentist chairs, no adjustable seats for patients, and not much privacy. But today, there is a team from BNHC that traveled more than 3,000 miles with one purpose — to create smiles. NHC’s Dr. Fidelito Gabriel, Celisa Lopes and Paula Pina, along with former BNHC dentist Dr. Asia Gordon, traveled to the Cape Verdean islands of Sal and Boa Vista to volunteer at local clinics. Working alongside local dentists, they helped bring dental care to more than 1,100. The program is coordinated by the Brockton-based Cape Verdean Women United and member Paula Pina, along with the Cape Verdean Medical Society. “Ninety percent of the people we saw had never been to the dentist,” said Paula. “We’re trying to change that.”

One smile at a time!