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Brockton Neighborhood Health Center (BNHC) is a multicultural organization that collaborates with community agencies and residents to provide high quality comprehensive health care that is responsive to community health needs and is linguistically, culturally and financially accessible. We are committed to health promotion and disease prevention.

Ways to support BNHC

The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the keystone to supporting the health center’s goal to provide quality health and dental services for all who seek us out for their care.

Annual gifts to the health center number in the hundreds and include friends in the community as well as our employees and Board of Directors. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide unrestricted gifts that directly enhance patient care and services. Our more than 22,000 patients whose numbers grow at an average monthly rate of 400 individuals benefit directly by the generosity of our annual donors. Services supported include pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, adult medicine, urgent care, dental, ophthalmology, neurology, nephrology services, gastroenterology, social services, teen clinic, HIV services, nutrition and patient education. The health center operates a small satellite clinic, at Brockton’s homeless shelter, MainSpring House.

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Sponsorships such as our highly successful fall Triathlon and spring Road Race support health of individuals throughout the community and sustain services at the health center.

Popular annual events centered around family fun and healthy exercise are a great way to support the health center through participation and/or sponsorship. The annual fall Bike (14 mile ride), Boat (2.0 mile canoe/kayak ride) and Run (4 miles) Triathlon is entertaining for all age levels. The Iron Age Group Divisions, Team Relay Divisions and Corporate Relay offer competition for all age levels and degrees of fitness. The annual 6K (3.75 mile) Road Race and Walk is a fitting way to welcome in spring.

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The Adopt an Interpreter program is having a dramatic impact on communications between patients who do not speak English and their clinicians. The goals and objectives of the Certified Medical Interpreter program are to continue to provide the appropriate level of translation services to our growing number of patients and to provide these services in their native language. In addition, we are reducing health disparities found within immigrant communities in Brockton.

Healthy Lifestyles for Teens – United Voices is an educational/ psychosocial youth program serving teens ages 14-17 in the Brockton area. The teens meet weekly as a group and focus on health and social issues such as: healthy relationships, violence prevention, bullying, diversity, alcohol and drugs, smoking cessation, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, self care, community service, and academic and professional development. The group’s purpose is to educate and support teens in positive health practices and for them to become peer leaders in the community. The format of the meetings includes guest speakers and discussion groups on the above health topics as well as others as they arise. Their mantra is “if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.” United Voices is committed to being part of the solution.

The United Voices group influence positive health practices of in excess of 10,000 of their peers through personal interactions and media placement with cable, TV and radio. With the advent of social networking sites, United Voices’ reach is expanding dramatically throughout the community.

Managing Chronic Diseases in Elderly – BNHC provides individualized case management, education, and support, as well as Healthy Lifestyle groups for patients 60+ with 1 or more chronic diseases. Individualized and group interventions are provided by multi-cultural/multi-lingual community health workers (CHW's). This program has had positive effects on patient’s physical and mental health. A random sampling of 20 patients revealed that 100% of the sample moved from high risk to normal range in one or more identified health indicators.

Eyeglasses for the Elderly – Over the past year we offered free eye refractions and free eyeglasses to our 1,743 patients who are 60 years of age or older; 95% of whom are low-income immigrants in the greater Brockton community. Our experience was that 16% of these individuals availed themselves of this added benefit that was provided through philanthropy.

Our elderly patients make difficult choices daily about the allocations of their limited financial resources. Our free eyeglasses program removes one of those choices when deciding if eyeglasses are more or less important than their other many needs. We wish to provide a mechanism whereby they continue to have access to free eyeglasses and you can help.

Combating Childhood Obesity – Childhood obesity is becoming epidemic, especially among low-income populations who, because of their economic situation, have few nutritional choices. So-called fast foods are relatively inexpensive. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not. It’s a dilemma that our patients face daily and our mission is to assist them in making healthy choices. Nearly 25% of our patients are under age 18 and many of these are obese.

One of the health center’s key tenets is to provide care and services in partnership with patients. As part of its patient care model, BNHC educates its patients about preventive health care, from disease transmission to substance abuse to nutrition, in order to achieve and maintain positive health outcomes. Taking personal responsibility for one’s health is one of the most important lessons patients, young and old, learn.

Please consider helping us alleviate obesity among children, especially children who live in poverty.

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Corporate and Foundation Support

Area corporations and foundations have funded millions of dollars in support of health center growth which averages 20% annually. Enlightened area corporations and foundations have seen the merits in investing in BNHC. Every dollar invested in a community health provides an average savings of three dollars to the overall health care system. The dividends are an enhancement in the quality of life in the patients we serve. While much has been accomplished much more needs to be done and continued support is sought. Added gifts are needed and appreciated.


Remembering the health center in your will benefits the programs and services our patients need most. Gifts through your will and other Planned Giving vehicles can provide an income stream for years to come to help the underserved in our community.

Please make gifts payable to Brockton Neighborhood Health Center
Mail to:
Brockton Neighborhood Health Center
63 Main Street
Brockton, MA 02301
(Or contact Michelle Pontbriand, 508-427-4248

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Please make gifts payable to: Brockton Neighborhood Health Center

Mail to:
Brockton Neighborhood
Health Center

63 Main Street
Brockton, MA 02301

Or contact Michelle Pontbriand, 508-427-4248