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The vision for our relationship with our patients...
We recognize our patients as a crucial part of the team; we will support you through the open communication of information about your care and present you with your care options, while always respecting your culture, values and language.
What is a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)?

This is an organization where the staff works together as a team to provide care to our patients that will best meet their needs, and results in the best possible outcome.
This is how a staff member described the Patient Centered Medical Home at BNHC...
A patient centered medical home is an office where patients are the main focus of all we do. Each patient has a team that is headed up by their provider; other members of this team are the nurse, the secretary, the phone room associates, the patient and all the people they come into contact with while here. The patient is a vital member of this team.

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